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Partners Against Crime (PAC)

Partners Against Crime (PAC) is a community based volunteer organization that brings together citizens and law enforcement, as well as city and county departments, to find sustainable solutions to community crime problems and quality of life issues.

Partners Against Crime groups exist all over the world, but each group is very localized. Durham citizens can have a dynamic effect on crime if we focus on our own neighborhoods. Crime abatement is more than just a Police effort, it takes community effort, also. Citizens and law enforcement together, that’s what PAC is all about.

PAC 2 is one of five such groups in Durham, one each for our five Police Districts. Besides being the nation’s most completely PAC covered city, it’s another example of how Durham citizens play a direct and active role in attending to our community.

Generally, this website focuses on the area District 2 covers. (see area in green on map)

October 2016 PAC2 Meeting

The October 2016 PAC 2 meeting will be held Monday, October 10th, from 6-8pm at the DPS Training Facility, 2107 Hillandale Rd (corner of Hillandale & Carver). We have moved the location from the media center to the cafeteria. The Presenter will be announced closer to the date.

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A Home Inventory is Important

Creating a HOME INVENTORY of all your valuables can be instrumental in recovering stolen property – or for insurance purposes in case of theft, fire, or natural disaster.  PAC 2 has put together some Home Inventory Record Packets which will be available at the November meeting.  If you prefer a digital version, need additional worksheets, or can’t make […]

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