December 2017 PAC 2 Meeting Notes

Partners Against Crime – District 2 – December 2017 Meeting Notes


The December 2017 PAC 2 meeting was held Monday, December 11th, from 6-8pm in the cafeteria at the DPS Training Facility, 2107 Hillandale Rd (corner of Hillandale & Carver).  The facilitators were Ginger Blubaugh and Zion Tankard.

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm. Housekeeping items were addressed, the outline of the meeting as well as a short history of the PACs in Durham was presented, and first-timers were acknowledged and given a welcome package.

Department Updates/

  1. Parks & Recreation: Parks & Rec presents a host of programs. There are lots of organized events and educational programs provided free or at minimal cost (and reduced fees, discounts, and waivers are available).   You can find the  Play More Magazine at or just log onto the Parks & Rec site at and click “Play More” on the left – or browse through all the other tabs on that page for lots more information.
  2. Durham Police Dept:  Lieutenant Bishop reported on crime from the past month. These crimes, statistics and notable arrests are available for viewing at, District 2 Commanders Update. We were reminded to be aware of locking the car, even for a short absence, and to locate alternate addresses for package delivery during this holiday season.

Neighborhood Improvement Services: Robin Dixon announced that Coffee with Council will be held Monday February 12th for PAC 2. If you have any questions or concerns for Council, please e-mail them to Ginger Blubaugh or Zion Tankard ahead of that date.

Durham County Department of Health: Joyce Paige brought us tips for keeping healthy over the holiday. Then Devon Washington of Duke University informed us of an observational study to map human health, called Project Baseline, that is looking for volunteers for a 4-year study. A stipend of $400.00 would be paid to participants.

To see the PAC 2 December newsletter from NIS, click or copy/paste into browser.

Remember that you can find LOTS of great information on the City ( and County ( websites … be sure to check them out often!

Scheduled presenter: Dr. Mubenga, Superintendant Durham Public Schools. As the new Superintendant, Dr. Mubenga gave a short bio of his past positions in North Carolina, as he was the past Superintendant of Franklin County schools. He presented the accomplishments of Durham Public Schools in the past four years and outlined the challenges he sees for public education. He is designing a plan of action that includes a vision as well as a mission for public schools.

Go Durham was present with information and a chart outlining short-range transit options to get within five years of the Light Rail. All were encouraged to take the survey on-line about public tranportation options.

Other Announcements included:

Nancy Kneepkins spoke about new programs at TRY. Wanda Boone from TRY will present at next month’s meeting.

Voting ballots were inserted into the meeting Agenda Card for items to be purchased and used for give-aways to attendees. These items included personalized guard pens, an 8 foot banner, PAC 2 tote bags, reflective safety vests, pepper spray, key chain flashlights, and other PAC 2 advertising materials. The vote was affirmative to order these items.

Break-out session to discuss community engagement. Two discussion questions were presented to the group to discuss and trade off ideas:

1. Consider your neighborhood. If you were given $800.00, what kind of project/event could you create to bring your neighborhood together and strengthen your community. Be specific.

2. Consider the City of Durham your neighborhood. Do you approve of the direction Durham is heading? Do you feel included in its growth? What do you like? What do you dislike?


Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 pm.

(minutes prepared 12/22/16 by Ginger Blubaugh – co-facilitator. If you have corrections or comments, feel free to e-mail me directly at