August 2017 – PAC 2 Meeting Notes

Partners Against Crime – District 2 – August 2017 Meeting Notes
The August 2017 PAC 2 meeting was held Monday August 14th from 6-8pm in the cafeteria at the DPS Training Facility, 2107 Hillandale Rd (corner of Hillandale & Carver).  Facilitators were Ginger Blubaugh and Zion Tankard.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm after a 15 minutes Meet & Greet. Zion called for a moment of silence in remembrance of the Charlottesville, VA hate incident. An overview and short history of PAC2 was given. There was a call for attendees to submit anonymously their position on changing the name of Partners Against Crime. A call for volunteers for the position of both Secretary and Treasurer was put forth.

Department Updates/

  1. Parks & Recreation: Tammy Brown from Parks & Rec announced that the last day for the outdoor pools will be September 4th. She gave kudos to DPD for extended patroling of Whippoorwill Park. There are now two volunteer Gate Openers for this park; the hours that the park is unlocked are 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Parks Dept will be putting up barriers to prevent entry and exit of the park outside of these times.

Parks & Rec presents a host of programs. There are lots of organized events and educational programs provided free or at minimal cost (and reduced fees, discounts, and waivers are available). Some upcoming events include: Aikido, Flag Football, Junior Team Tennis, Mature Adults Bridge Class, Teen Nights, and more.

You can find the  Play More Magazine at or just log onto the Parks & Rec site at Recreation and click “Play More” on the left – or browse through all the other tabs on that page for lots more information.

  1. Durham Police Dept:  Captain Browne reported on crime from past month. These crimes, statistics and notable arrests are available for viewing at, District 2 Commanders Update. A reminder that many stolen cars result from leaving a car running with A/C on to keep car cool while doing an errand. Do not vacate your car while it is running or with keys in it. Also, it was noted that there have been some incidents of snatching of purse/personal effects inside Harris Teeter store. Stay alert.
  2. Citizen Concerns included: Dirt bikes on public roads, Cars that ignore STOP signs, and the “Smart Meters” distributed by Duke Energy for monitoring electricity usage. It was reported that these meters give off a frequency that can disrupt pacemakers.
  3. Sheriff”s Department: Animal Control can remove snakes or bats or other wildlife from the home but NOT from the land. Sheriff’s Department has no federal permit to do so. Report a loose dog to Animal Control; they can provide a dog trap ; also for feral cats that are loose. All bites MUST be reported to Sheriff’s Department and Health Department. Within the city limits, dog barking that is a nuisance is reported to DPD.Neighbor
  4. Neighborhood Improvement Services: Lynwood Best of NIS announced the opening of the October session for the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program. Neighborhood Spotlight Program solicits neighbors that give outstanding service. In October a matching grants program for Health Initiatives will be introduced. Grants up to $1500 can be awarded to neighborhoods that submit an idea that will promote health. City Hall on the Go is available to come to neighborhoods to educate and/or facilitate business tranactions with the city departments.­

To see the PAC August newsletter from NIS, click or copy/paste into browser.

Fire Department: No announcements or citizens concerns

DOT not in attendance.

Remember that you can find LOTS of great information on the City ( and County ( websites … be sure to check them out often!

Scheduled Presenter: Eunice Sanders, co-Director, Crayons2Calculators

C2C is a Non-profit since 2006 operating from donations of money or teaching/educational supplies to be given to teachers who will then shop for their students. Information is sent out to some 200 business and other groups, encouraging participation. It is a school-year long program. For more information:

Scheduled Presenter: Michael Francis, American Red Cross

The Red Cross is basically neighbors helping neighbors. 80% of calls are for immediate aid such as clothing, food, and/or shelter until clients can get back on their feet. It is mainly disaster care. Other programs include: providing free smoke alarms,installing them and giving fire education, CPR training and emergency preparedness training. Mr. Francis brought a selection of “tear sheets” explaining different ways to prepare for emergencies. These will be available at subsequent meetings. There are 13 Red Cross phone apps that are free for both android and Apple platforms. These apps will give alert for severe weather as well as the location of the nearest shelter and nearest feeding site, among other things that are accessed in disasters.

Other Announcements included:

Nancy Kneepkins for TRY which holds its monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10:30 – noon at Golden Belt. There will be a discussion about the challenges for alcohol sellers on August 24th at noon at East Regional Library. Public invited to attend.

PORCH-Durham drop-off is the third Monday of each month.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 pm.

(minutes prepared 8/22 by Ginger Blubaugh – co-facilitator. If you have corrections or comments, feel free to e-mail me directly at