February 2017 – PAC2 Meeting Notes

Partners Against Crime – District 2 – ­February 2017 Meeting Notes


The February 2017 PAC 2 meeting was  held Monday, February 13th, from 6-7:15pm at the DPS Training Facility, 2107 Hillandale Rd (corner of Hillandale & Carver).  Co-facilitators were Ron Whitfield and Ginger Blubaugh.

This was a special meeting, Coffee with Council.

The meeting was called to order at 6:05. After the initial welcome and comments as to format for the meeting by Bertha Johnson, Cora Cole-McFadden (Mayor Pro Tempore), opened the meeting.

Bertha Johnson, director of Budget and Management Services discussed the 2017-18 FY budget and the recent resident survey. She asked anyone who has not yet filled out the survey to do so online. To see information on the budget, visit http://durhamnc.gov/209/City-Budgets. You can find the survey results by typing Survey into the search bar on the home page of the City (http://durhamnc.gov/) and County (http://dconc.gov/) websites. There will be another opportunity for citizens to give input into the budget at a Public Hearing on Monday March 6th.

City Council members present were: Tom Bonfield, Don Moffit, Charlie Reese, Eddie Davis, Jillian Johnson, Cora Cole-McFadden. Mayor Bell was in attendance.

Following the budget presentation, Council members introduced themselves. The floor was then open for resident comments. After resident comments, the Council members each had 2 minutes for closing comments.

(Note: If you would like more information about the City Council, visit http://durhamnc.gov/1323/City-Council or if you’d like to see their upcoming or past agenda’s, visit http://durhamnc.gov/AgendaCenter/City-Council-4.  You may also e-mail the council at council@durhamnc.gov )

Resident Comments included:

1)   Renovation of the Duke Park Bath House. Ongoing dialogue with the City as to when reconstruction work can begin. This would be replacing the bath house with a pavilion.

(Note: if you want more information about the Duke Park Bath House, there are many websites such as  http://www.opendurham.org/buildings/duke-park-duke-park-pool-and-bathhouse  and http://preservationdurham.org/index.php/duke-park/

2)   Downtown Loop. Advocacy group wanting consideration to develop downtown loop into a two-way loop. This would be a line item for revised feasibility study.

3)   Parking Lot. Objections to proposed parking lot at Hillandale/Carver/Guess Road vicinity for V/A Hospital parking. This project would adversely affect the neighborhood.

4)  Tree Canopy: A resident requested results of 2016 Canopy Study. A City representative responded that Durham has 52% canopy coverage which was more than expected. There are 3,000 trees of which 1,600 need preventative maintenance. There will be a Tree Summit on April 25th – details on this will be posted.

(Note: for more information on Durham’s Urban Forestry, visit http://durhamnc.gov/799/Urban-Forestry)

5)  Youth Employment. A resident was concerned about Durham young people being engaged in positive programs this summer. Suggesting some kinds of No Youth Left Behind Program.

Copies of the written responses to questions for Coffee with Council were available at the meeting. (To view pdf document, click on http://pac2durham.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/PAC2-CoffeeWithCouncil-questions2016.pdf – or copy/paste in your browser.)

To see the PAC February newsletter from NIS, click http://pac2durham.org/wpcontent/uploads/2017/02/PAC-Newsletter-February2017NIS.pdf or copy/paste into browser.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:15 pm.

Remember that you can find LOTS of great information on the City (http://durhamnc.gov/) and County (http://dconc.gov/) websites … be sure to check them out often!

Submitted by:

Ginger Blubaugh, co-facilitator of PAC2

(minutes prepared 2/18/17 by Ginger Blubaugh – co-facilitator – this is done from memory – please forgive anything overlooked, incorrect, misspelled or other grammatical mistakes, or misrepresentation of any commentary.  If you have corrections or comments, feel free to e-mail me directly at:  snaps494@yahoo.com)