May 2017 – PAC2 Meeting Notes

Partners Against Crime – District 2 – May 2017 Meeting Notes


The May 2017 PAC 2 meeting was held Monday, May 8th, from 6-8pm in the cafeteria at the DPS Training Facility, 2107 Hillandale Rd (corner of Hillandale & Carver).  The facilitators were Ron Whitfield and Ginger Blubaugh.

The meeting started with Meet & Greet and was called to order at 6:15 pm.

Department Updates/

  1. Parks & Recreation:

Parks & Rec presents a host of programs and events. Ones coming up shortly (May 20) – Bimbe Festival at Rock Quarry Park, free Rock The Park concerts. Walltown will be hosting the Mature Adult Prom, Storytime in the Park for children at different parks, Pickle Ball, and Tai Chi Heavy Ball, among others. Saturday June 10th is Walltown Open House from noon to 2 pm.

All events and classes can be found in the Play More Magazine at or just log onto the Parks & Rec site at and click “Play More” on the left – or browse through all the other tabs on that page for lots more information.

Colleen Fear reminded us that the Aquatics Plan is now with City Managers Office before going to City Council. June and July the Campus Hills pool will be closed for renovations. Spray grounds will start up on Memorial Day weekend. The Rec Centers will be closed on Monday Memorial Day.

  1. Durham Police Dept:  Captain Brown reported on crime from past month. In general, robberies are up, aggravated assaults remain the same and burglaries are down. There were three notable arrests. These crimes, statistics and notable arrests are available for viewing at, District 2 Commanders Update.

Captain Browne announced that July 7th is the DPD deadline to sign up for National Night Out (NNO) in August. Registration is now open for Great Summer Camp. Access City of Durham website for more information on these.

  1. Citizen Concerns included: egging of cars in North Gate Park, slow police response times to 911 calls, concern that DPD is assisting Immigration in targeting citizens (it is not), and guidelines for reporting “suspicious” people in a neighborhood. Captain Brown voiced DPD’s interest in developing ways to identify risk without profiling or stereotyping.
  2. Neighborhood Improvement Services: Lester Smith from Code Enforcement of NIS reminded citizens that grass must be cut if over 10” tall. City of Durham has recently decided that the property owner is responsible for cutting “right of way” (the intermediate strip of lawn/grass between sidewalk and the street.) Also there is strict code enforcement for junk and debris. These become more important concerns as summer progresses. In April there were 265 complaints investigated: 110 came into compliance; 155 are still being worked.

To see the May PAC Newsletter click or copy/paste into browser.

Fire Department: Presentation from Fire Marshal Dept. introducing the new upgraded notification system for receiving notices through phone, email or mobile device regarding severe storms, Amber alerts or other threats. Go to: to register.

Sheriff’s Department not in attendance.

DOT not in attendance.

Remember that you can find LOTS of great information on the City ( and County ( websites … be sure to check them out often!

Scheduled presenter: Sgt. Ochman talked about the DPD Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) which includes community, healthcare, and advocacy about mental health. A crisis is an intolerable difficulty that exceeds a person’s coping mechanism. Often mental health issues complicate these situations. Mental illness affects 1 in 5 adults; serious mental illness affects 1 in 25 adults. CIT goals include Officer Safety, De-escalation Techniques, Communication Tools, and Building Understanding and Empathy in DPD officers. Close to 50% of DPD sworn, patrol, and bike officers are CIT certified. Sgt. Ochman is dedicated to educating citizens on asking for CIT officers on a 911 call when mental health issues might be involved.

Scheduled presenter: Deborah Cousins from Social Services spoke about the urgent need for Foster Families. There are many children waiting for placement and the existing temporary and permanent foster homes are full.

Other Announcements included:

Nancy Kneepkins – TRY holds its monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10:30 – noon at Golden Belt.

Invitation for someone to step forward and become the new co-facilitator for 2017-2019 term to replace Ron Whitfield.

Next PAC 2 meeting is Monday June 12th from 6-8 pm.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:05 pm.

(minutes prepared 5/16/17 by Ginger Blubaugh – co-facilitator. If you have corrections or comments, feel free to e-mail me directly at