Traffic Enforcement Decoy Program

District 2, B Squad will implement the Traffic Enforcement Decoy program (Officer TED).  The concept of using a mannequin is not new to Law Enforcement but is new to us.  Sgt. Gunter and his Squad have created this program in order to address speed complaints from the community.  The Traffic Enforcement Decoy Program will allow a visible Police presence in areas to address not only issues of speeding, but other violations, while keeping Law Enforcement Officers free to answer 911 calls for service.

What exactly is a Traffic Enforcement Decoy?

Officer TED is a mannequin, dressed in a Police Uniform and behind the wheel of a Police vehicle.   Officer TED is utilized for passive, visual enforcement.

Does this mean that Traffic Enforcement will decrease?

The answer is no.  Officer TED actually allows Police presence in areas that need attention without taking actual Officers away from other areas.  Drivers seeing an occupied Patrol vehicle in the area will pay more attention to the rules of the road and violations will decrease.

How will the Traffic Enforcement Decoy work?

A Patrol vehicle with Officer TED in the driver’s seat will be placed in an area, such as a highway work zone or a problem intersection, where speeding or other violations are a problem.  The Police vehicle containing Officer TED will be positioned in an area highly visible to traffic.  The high visibility of a Police vehicle occupied by an Officer will slow the speed of motorist exceeding the posted speed limit and remind all motorist to obey the law.  The mere presence of a Police Officer reminds citizens to slow down and obey the law!

Will advertising the Traffic Enforcement Decoy Program defeat the purpose of having a Decoy?

No.  Eventually driver’s, who travel any area regularly, may recognize Officer Ted for what he is.  Infrequent motorist generally will not recognize TED.   Officer TED will be replaced frequently with an actual Officer.  Those motorist who chooses to ignore the Police presence, thinking that it is only a decoy, may be surprised when Officer TED pulls out from the roadside and issues them a traffic citation. When faced with not knowing if Officer TED or an actual Officer occupies a Police vehicle, the citizen will generally make the safest decision to not take a chance and abide by the law.

The effectiveness of Officer TED and it’s role in decreasing speed violations can be accurately measured by placing the Radar Speed trailer nearby to monitor speed.  The effectiveness in decreasing Stop sign violations, etc. can be measured by utilizing the patrol vehicles in car video camera.

Officer TED, when used as a full size mannequin, can be utilized as a Public Relations display in different events.  Officer TED can also be requested for use in particular areas, just as the Speed Trailer is currently used in this manner.

The first initial Traffic Enforcement Decoy has been purchased with the help of neighbors in Trinity Park.